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This entry has been moved to my fic journal, [personal profile] litsasecret, here.

This placeholder entry will be deleted once I have modified the remaining crossposts of this fic.
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This entry has been moved to my fic journal, [personal profile] litsasecret, here.

This placeholder entry will be deleted once I have modified the remaining crossposts of this fic.
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Meh, warnings-- unedited. Probably awful. Heck, I haven't even reread it.

I only just hit 5k but I'm hoping to hit 8k by midnight. Root for me?

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Nov. 4th, 2010 04:28 pm
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So, since I'm doing NaNo this year, and since I told a lot of people I was doing it, several people have wondered where I was posting it.

I'm strongly considering posting every 5000 words or so here on my dreamwidth, so approximately every 3 days.

Since it's original fic, and since my main chars didn't even have names til the second day of writing, I'm pretty sure of the quality.

I was wondering if people on my existing flist would prefer I filter it or not? It will of course be cut and clearly labelled, and since I won't be posting every day, I don't think it will be terribly intrusive, but if a resounding number of my 14 subscribers don't want to see it, I will certainly filter it and figure out access lists.

For those of you reading on LJ, I will NOT be crossposting the NaNo posts, so if you want to read it, either get in touch with me re: an invite if you want an account here, or start checking my DW every three days.

Thank you for your time.


Oct. 21st, 2010 02:55 am
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Does anyone else feel a secret loathing for the custom userheads on LJ?

They infringe on my sense of uniformity.

But maybe I'm just a little obsessive.

REC: Fever

Aug. 31st, 2010 04:04 pm
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Hey guys, did you miss me?

I recently was responsible for a friend, [personal profile] traxits to be exact, writing awesome FF8 fic. It's WIP, but I imagine if we all read and rec and review it will get done faster, so I'm being entirely selfish in posting this rec.

The fic is Fever, and is basically the result of a conversation I had with [personal profile] traxits amounting to "I love your fic, but have not played FF8. I will read Pressure anyway, but I reserve the right to picture Zell as Tommy Joe Ratliff."

I think it annoyed her, because the game is probably awesome, and because I was comparing her beloved char to a bass player, but after many pics and gifs, I won her over. I think. Also she already liked Adam Lambert's music because of previous effort on my part, so it was less hard than it could have been.

So, basically, Irvine is a popstar and Zell is there to watch his six. Hee.

The reason I am reccing this fic, beyond the fact that I am partly responsible, is because like all of Trax's other fic, it's really well written, and already in the first chapter, you have the delicate balance of tension and not too over-the-top angst, and a dash of humor just to keep readers from going "Oh God get over yourselves!" at the characters.

So go. Read. Review. :D
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Never seen Terminator Salvation until today, mostly because I'm not really a movie person, and Terminator isn't one of my usual franchises.

I have to say though, any continuity in which Anton Yelchin and Summer Glau have a baby together? Mmmm,yummy.

Other than that I found it incredibly hard to follow, and the internet told me Kyle Reese is not psychic despite his ability to tell what's about to happen in the movie.

Also, the ending was really unsatisfactory.

See, this is why I stick to only watching movies in franchises I'm familiar with. Then everything makes sense and I don't have to rely on the internet for clarification.

In other news, the Sookie Stackhouse book finally came in at the library, yay! Can't wait to read it, even though I know I'll hate it. :D
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If anyone wants to write me a Eric/Pam/Yvette threesome fic to make me feel better I will... post what I have of my fic for

Which is sort of Eric/Sookie with Eric as a big ole puppy, and Sookie as a compassionate woman with southern manners.

Not xposted because of 3W4DW, and also because one of the people mentioned on this post reads my LJ, so kindly don't discuss this on LJ? I'm fairly certain the only person who might care enough to do so is also an LJ only person, but... just making sure.
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Will someone please explain to me why I have nearly seven thousand words of That Harry Potter Fic I Always Meant To Write and only three thousand of the Sookie/Eric fic I'm writing for 3W4DW for

Also, more people whould write for that meme. I want more animal!character fics!
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Episode reaction/review for SPN 5.20

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This is NOT crossposted to my LJ as it is part of my contribution to 3W4DW.
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So, I went to a wedding today-- the bride was beautiful the groom was... my cousin.

Anyway, there was random Meatloaf and dancing, and my cousin made stupid jokes about mullet rock (he has a mullet), and there was CAKE!

I rather like cake.

Oh, and I caught the bouquet. And the bride kept arranging for me to talk with her son from her first marriage. And lots of people cooed and told me I used to be "so little!"

The end.

Oh, and Mormons have lots of kids. Her extended family is like, 7 siblings each with like 5 kids and at least as many grandkids. Kinda terrifying. Especially listening to the VICIOUS vicious gossip the sisters were gossiping. Because apparently she and her first husband were married in the Temple, so it's against their religion to get divorced. Well, even more against their religion to get a divorce. (Also, can you imagine? I hear it's absolutely beautiful in the Temple.)

So they had a ceremony in my cousin's congregation, which is (I think) United Church of Christ. And they use "debt" instead of "trespass". And thus: scandal. Well, that and females en masse always cause drama.

Other stuff happened, and I have to eat breakfast with my cousin's family tomorrow. Yay.
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So [ profile] cowboyguy and I teamed up this evening to write angsty post-hell fic. It's a lot emo and pointless, but we like it.

It's around 3022 words, and unbeta'd for now. This is mostly so we can show off to other SPARTANS! what we have done.

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Here is a trailer and a teeny interview for Stargate: Universe.

Is it a spoiler to say it looks like BSG on a bad day?

I'm looking forward to it even less than before. Oh well, gonna watch it anyway.
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Also, OMG. Also, hee, now you can spoil me guys, no problem.

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SyFy what?

Jul. 12th, 2009 01:09 pm
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How come I didn't know that the SciFi channel was changing its name? Also, who on earth thought this was a good thing?

TW: Part 1

Jul. 9th, 2009 04:58 pm
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OMG TW, why do you do this to me?

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OMG guys.


Jun. 28th, 2009 05:52 pm
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Gakked from [personal profile] teyla:

01. Do you snack while you read? If so, favorite reading snack?
Always. I got fat in high school because I was always eating pringles and reading. I could go through a couple of cans a day, which, not cool. Now I mostly limit it too veggies, though I can eat a lot of carrots without noticing.
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Dear universe: When I say: sure! No problem! I wouldn't mind proofreading your essay for you! I do not mean: I have no problem writing your essay for you two hours before it's due.

Screw you, you stupid woman, and grow up. This isn't high school, and I don't need inclusion in your social group in order to function.
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